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Where To?

The world is under house arrest. Roads are empty. Playgrounds are silent. Schools are closed. The enemy is at the gates. Nothing seems normal. Nothing makes sense. Or does it?

For years now humans have seen themselves at the apex of creation. We were ready to conquer not only earth but the universe. Full speed ahead was the motto not only of the adults but even the children were caught up in the rat race. In the quest to overcome all we had lost touch with ourselves. Happiness was measured in trips across the globe, exercise meant gym memberships. For peace, joining a yoga class was compulsory.

Then came this tiny, miniscule, unseen virus. Now our homes are converted into schools, gyms, playgrounds and even churches. We have nowhere to go. We’ve found ways to convert our homes but can we say the same about ourselves? Is there any change within us or are our hearts as stony as before? If we look outside, nature is healing, the sky is blue, grass is growing, birds are chirping so why are we unchanged? Why do we still crave the ‘normal’ if we could call it that?

Let’s move on! Let’s begin anew! Let’s go back to our factory setting! Let’s go back to the way our creator intended us to be!

People of hope, of love, of joy.

People who can put others before themselves.

People who have time to appreciate others and the creation of God, and more importantly people who have a relationship with their creator.

Let’s sing with nature, “I am a new creation no more in condemnation here in the grace of God I stand!”

Yulricka Fonseca

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