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SVP Global. The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP or SVdP or SSVP) is an international voluntary organization in the Catholic Church, founded in 1833 for the sanctification of its members by personal service of the poor. We reach out to the poor and needy families of our Parish. At the moment we are helping 18 families from Malwani side and 8 families from Chapel side. Total 26 families at the moment. We provide monthly ration to each family i. e. Rice, wheat, tea powder, bathing and washing soaps, 2 types of dals, oil packet and sugar depending upon the number of individuals in the family. We also provide Education and Medical aid to their children and aged. Once in a month we make our collection near the church and chapel gates for our monthly collection and this money is utilised to pay our two ration shops who provide ration to these families. Once in a year we celebrate our St. Vincent de Paul feast on 27th September where we invite our adopted families first for the Eucharistic celebration followed by sumptuous lunch and take away gifts too for each family. Our funds grow also with the help of very kind hearted generous donors who help us with their kind donations in cash or cheque. God may bless them.

Meeting Day: Every Monday in Sociology Medico Centre, Malwani 7.45pm


Coordinator: Clara Fernandes


Spiritual Director: Fr. Agnelo Fernandes

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