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The Lectors team is headed by Fr. Vinay Kamath. The team is built up of 80 dedicated Lectors across the Church and the Chapel.

The Lectors are auditioned by an external auditor, every July for quality check purposes. There is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) booklet that every Lector has to follow to ensure that they are following the guidelines of Lectorship. Lectors follow a monthly, alphabetically arranged Roster, prepared by Atish Creado for both the Church and the Chapel. 

A mandatory Team Meeting is held once every 2 months for general discussion, training and planning. The Lectors are commissioned once a year.


Anyone wishing to join the team needs to go through an audition and is selected at the Leaders discretion as per the joining guidelines laid down in the SOP.



Church Selected Leader: Mr Atish Creado 

Church Elected Leader: Ms. Rosy Fernandes

Chapel Selected Leader: Mr Atish Creado 

Chapel Elected Leader: Ms. Abbe Fernandes


Spiritual Director: Fr. Osmand D'souza

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