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In Kharodi Fr. Sebastian Sarrao started offering mass in front of the cross of Mr. Kaitan Patel and from this the idea of a chapel came into being. Thanks to the people who have given their land free of cost to the chapel. The combined Efforts of Fr. Sarrao, Fr. Peter Bambacho, Late Mr. Dominic Patel, people of Kharodi-Rathodi and the contribution of 1rupee per from each family a structure was created.

chapel - 1.jpg

After few years Fr. Simon Sarrao acquired permission from P\North ward and laid the foundation stone on 28th August 1983 to rebuild the existing structure. On the 3rd of December 1983 the inauguration ceremony was done by his holiness the Archbishop of Bombay Rev. Simon Pimenta. Since 1983 beautification of the chapel was done by the priests from time to time till today.

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