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The ‘Hope and life’ is an international Movement for widows to which Mumbai is affiliated. We at St. Anthony Malwani form one unit of the all-Mumbai Association. Our patron is St. Monica whose. We celebrate her feast on 27th August with the Eucharist and a get-together. : The widows of our Parish would meet from time to time after the Ladies’ Sodality meeting at Kharodi for many years. In 2014, Sr. Manisha gave us a new identity by placing us directly in contact with the all –Mumbai level as a member. Our coordinator attends meetings at this level about 3 to 4 times a year to keep us in touch with the happenings and forthcoming events. Our meetings are bi- lingual- in Marathi and English. We have an average of 40 members, most of whom are senior citizens. The meeting begins with the Rosary and various topical intentions are mentioned. A short period of Bible teaching is done and a sentence from the Gospel is memorised in Marathi and in English. Forthcoming events are announced. Some important points from the PPC meeting are also shared. At the all- Mumbai level we participate in the Marathi and Konkani recollections every year. A large number of our members attend the Annual function too, sometimes even contributing an item to the programme held there. On a regular basis those who are mobile visit the homes of recently bereaved families to pray with them. Our activities include a once a year visit to a Marian shrine in Mumbai, Stations of the Cross together, outreach to the orphanage, sometimes ‘twinning’ with another unit within Malad and sharing fellowship with them, making a contribution to the Mission Sunday collection, an annual picnic, etc. Sometimes we have fun activities through action songs, sharing a Birthday treat, etc. These help enliven the otherwise dull moments that the widow often has to live and create a sense of Solidarity. We would like to welcome other widows who are unaware of this group and could benefit by belonging here.

Members: 40

Meeting Day: Second Thursday of every month at 5 p.m. at the Infant Jesus Chapel


Coordinator: Fatima D’cunha


Spiritual Director: Sr. Manisha Gonsalves

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