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The pre-baptism team was set up to prepare new parents for the sacrament of their child’s baptism. It has been made mandatory, because of the high importance placed on building family faith. The preparatory course not only focuses on the religious significance of the sacrament, but also extends to imparting tools for parents to bring up their children firm in the catholic faith.


The four-module course talks about adapting to the changes that married life brings with it, faith formation within the family, the role of god-parenting and the rites of baptism. This course is conducted thrice a year.

March: 1st and 2nd weekends

July: 1st and 2nd weekends

November: 1st and 2nd weekends

We advise that both parents attend this course during the early stages of pregnancy to avoid any inconvenience to the mothers-to-be. We also urge the godparents to attend 2nd weekend Sunday course (i.e. last session of the course).


Announcements regarding the course are made a month prior to the sessions. To register, please visit the parish office along with a copy of your Church Marriage Certificate.


Priest in charge: Fr. Osmand D'souza

Lay coordinator: Mr Vincent Colasso

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