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The AYG is one of the largest associations in the parish consisting of youth within the age group of 16-25, striving unitedly and working for the church in umpteen ways. We work in the areas of Faith, Formation and Fellowship. The Anthonian Youth Group functions as a versatile group and performs various activities ranging from organising social events for youth and adults in the parish, voluntary work in and out of church, helping in service, coordinating at the NYG and SCC levels, ushering, etc. The activities involve youth from Marve to Jankalyan, irrespective of their background and all work collaboratively. The youth group gives an individual a sense of responsibility, exposure, team building and personality development, opportunities to excel, developing a value system and learning to interact with people of all kinds.  Youth is the threshold of the important years of life, and the various functions of the AYG help build a stronger foundation for the future. Youth are the present and future of the church.


Meeting Day: Every second Sunday of the month with the parish youth council


Coordinator: Nigel Mendonsa


Spiritual Director: Fr. Osmand D'souza and Br. Anish

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