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Latest addition to the list of Associations is the “Communication Cell” formed with the blessings of Fr. Agnelo Fernandes and under the able guidance of Fr. Vinay Kamath. We are currently a team of 4 enthusiastic members. The aim of the Communication cell is to integrate and communicate the various activities carried out by the different associations in the parish under a common and centralized platform. There are many cells and associations in our parish of which parishioners aren’t aware, so how do we imagine that the selfless service & work rendered by these associations would reach every parishioner? Understanding this as a challenge, one enthusiastic youth of our Parish - “Cleopas A. Lobo” undertook the project of developing and hosting a website for our parish so that all information could be collaborated and displayed on the website. With the zealous work of the team and with support and help of all the associations, the team could collate all the required data and thus you have this amazing website integrating and displaying all information in an organized manner. We are not stopping here and would look for different and innovative ways to communicate better and promptly.

The objective of the Communication cell would be to ensure that through the optimum use of technology the cell communicates the work of each and every association in the parish, the events undertaken in the various zones and communities in a timely manner.


If there are any activities happening in your community, cells or association which you may want to upload on the website, please drop us an email at with a brief note of your event along with clear and good quality images and we will be happy to publish it for you.


Team: Shifra Patel, Cleopas Lobo, Percy Kinny, Rebecca D’souza, Clyde Gracious


Spiritual Director: Fr. Osmand D'souza

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