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The Parish Family Cell, is the initiative of the Family Apostolate of our Archdiocese and was established with the aim to focus on the needs of the Families with regard to social, cultural and spiritual requirements.

Members: Religious, married couples, married singles, widows / widowers, couple of inter-faith marriage, youth and unmarried singles.

Bonding Activities for Family Cell Members viz : Spiritual bonding and Social activities


Activities for the Families in the Parish:

Working closely with the SCC's, Youth, Senior citizens, etc. to complement the activities being done by them and enrich the families at the grass root levels.

Mobile Family Ministry - visits to the homebound i.e. the sick and the aged of our parish.​

Educational Sessions for the families - Importance of a WILL, Fitness and Nutrition, Effective

Parenting, at the Zonal, Community and Cluster levels.

Senior Citizens - customized session on Fitness & Nutrition

Children in the age group 4 to 12 years - GOOD TOUCH VS BAD TOUCH

Youth - Personality Development, Public Speaking, Time Management, Leadership, Interview

World Marriage Day for married couples & Lenten Pilgrimage


Welfare outreach activities - visits to the Clergy Home, Home for the Destitute, the Orphanage, etc

The Family Cell meets every second Tuesday of the month at the Mini Hall after the 7.00 p.m. Mass followed by a fellowship.


Spiritual Director: Fr. Vinay Kamath


Coordinators: Alvito Pereira & Fiona Pereira

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