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Welcome to our Blog

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

-John Keating (Dead Poets Society)

The purpose of starting our parish blog was to encourage our parishioners to come forth and share their creativity, ideas, experiences and stories. The human is mind is complex and impulsive. Ideas and thoughts come so randomly, and sometimes, they are so wonderful that we just want to share it with others.

The blog is open to different kinds of articles; reflections, personal experiences, testimonies, stories, poems, recipes, movie reviews, book reviews, anything that can be beneficial to others and help them in their personal, mental, spiritual, physical and emotional growth.

We welcome your ideas and thoughts! Happy writing and reading!


P.S. Articles will be scrutinized and checked before they are posted. If an article isn’t appropriate, the author will be informed and the article won’t be posted.

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