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We are Homo Sapiens - the Wisdom Crown of Creation

But we re-invented ourselves;

Interpreting Wisdom as Smart - Smarter than our creator;

So, we learn our lessons … and, then, we forget … we ever forget!

The “Deluge”, typhoons, bush fires!

Cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes!

We weather them all … and, then … We forget … we ever forget!

Pre-modern Sages warn usAhimsa, Brahmacharya, Satyagraha, Swadeshi

We listen … and, then … We forget … we ever forget!

For we chase dreamsDevelopment, First-World Status, the Moon …

And must plunder all that stands in the way … be it nature or humans …

WE ARE SMART, wielding weapons and technology …


Our concrete jungles, Sky-scraping apartments,

Bullet trains, rocket-speed jets, supersonic aircrafts, nuclear stealth …

‘United Nations’ Wisdom confronts us

Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement!

Carbon Footprints, COPs 1- 25, MDGs … Sustainable Development by 2030!

But by “roll call” time, we have opted out … these tough options prevent pursuit of our dreams! And, so … We forget … we ever forget!

Post-modern Saints and Prophets call us:

Laudato Si … Ecological Metanoia … Global Inequality …

This year 2020 … 50th Anniversay of World Earth Day and

5th Anniversary of Laudato Si …with the theme: Everything is Connected

Before we could forget again …

Overnight …

We are stopped in our tracks by a micro sequence of genetic material -

Coronavirus !!

We quickly learned a new vocabulary …

LOCKDOWN, Hand- washing, Masks, Social &Physical Distancing …

YES, we are SMART … we side-stepped into Digital Presence …

The Internet, Zoom calls, higher speeds, 5G …

Increasing Carbon Footprints by virtual routes…

Will we remember this time round at last?

Or will we need a more piercing reminder from Mother Earth?

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